May 5, 2016


Aviagen's MyFlock app brings flock management to mobile devices



Aviagen has announced the release of MyFlock™, an app that gives breeder managers instant access to everything they need to take care of birds and flocks throughout the production cycle.


Available to all Aviagen customers in the US and Canada, MyFlock offers convenient flock management tips and tools from mobile devices.


MyFlock is a portable version of Aviagen's standard flock management guides, offering customers an immediate and interactive pathway to the latest Aviagen advice and performance standards.


From their smart phones and tablets, Aviagen customers can consult step-by-step task schedules, as well as critical advice and information regarding flock management.


In addition, an interactive calendar lets users set reminders of daily activities needed to care for birds and optimise performance.


When users are connected to the internet, MyFlock's data is synchronized, automatically updating to the latest flock information. Therefore, through the sync function, customers have easy and uninterrupted access to the latest versions of Aviagen's online flock management documents, even from areas with no cellular service.


At no charge to customers, MyFlock can be downloaded to Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets from any Apple or Google Play store. MyFlock's simple-to-use, intuitive interface means productivity isn't slowed down by an initial learning curve.


According to Kevin McDaniel, president of Aviagen North America, the company continually explores innovative ways to promote the success of its customers, often using mainstream technology to do so.


"Smart phones and tablets have enhanced the way we access and use information. Leveraging the benefits of handheld technology, this new digital tool will raise Aviagen customer support to a new level. Our ongoing aim is to empower customers to take the best possible care and get ultimate performance from their birds," McDaniel said.

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