May 4, 2022


Pulse NeedleFree launches "world's first" disposable needle-free injector for livestock



US-based Pulse NeedleFree Systems, a leading supplier of needle-free delivery technologies to the animal health industry, has announced its introduction of the world's first disposable line of needle-free livestock vaccination devices. 


The Pulse FX product line offers pork producers the health and food safety benefits of needle-free, with plug-and-play operational simplicity at a cost comparable to conventional syringes and needles.


"We understand the challenges that pork producers face, from labor to biosecurity to rising input costs. We set out to make it simpler and safer to administer important vaccines and injectables to keep animals healthy," said Edward Stevens, chief executive officer of Pulse NeedleFree Systems. "With the FX device's engineering breakthroughs, it is easier than ever for pork producers to eliminate needles from their health protocols."


The Pulse FX is a fixed-dose device that does not require maintenance, repairs or parts replacement.  Available dose volumes range from 0.2ml to 2.0ml, with configurations for hand-held or hands-free stationary delivery. The FX is convenient for farm workers in high-workload production settings due to its advanced ergonomics and ultra-lightweight (500 gram) design.


Widely used by large meat producers in the United States and international markets, Pulse products administer liquid pharmaceuticals for subcutaneous or intramuscular delivery without an invasive, contaminating needle. 


The Pulse technology addresses key industry initiatives in the areas of animal well-being, food safety, biosecurity and labor efficiency.


Based in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, Pulse markets its products directly and through distribution channels across major markets in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  The Pulse technology has administered more needle-free injections than all competitors combined, according to the company.

- Pulse NeedleFree