May 4, 2022


JBS Food Canada in agreement with TrustBIX to grow sustainable beef production



TrustBIX Inc. announced the signing of a master services agreement with JBS Food Canada ULC on April 28.


Both companies will work as trusted partners to grow sustainable beef production in Canada. These services support the evolution of the JBS Angus beef brand with full chain of custody data tracking and analysis by TrustBIX's proprietary platform, BIX, which supports the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) certified sustainable beef framework.


The companies believe in three pillars of sustainability and food integrity: economic viability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


"Food integrity is at the core of the JBS Canada Advantage, therefore working with the TrustBIX team will enhance the JBS journey to provide unmatched quality and service, along with accountability and transparency," said David Colwell, president of JBS Canada. "JBS looks forward to developing a sustainable Angus beef programme for our retail customers. We believe in this partnership with TrustBIX and their commitment to our sustainable beef programme."


"We are very proud to be selected by JBS Canada, part of the largest protein processing company in the world, to provide technological expertise utilising our BIX platform to grow their sustainable beef programme," said Hubert Lau, chief executive officer of TrustBIX.

- Newsfile Corp.

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