May 4, 2021

China Choline Chloride: Prices flat, output costs decrease (week ended May 3, 2021)
Low hog feed consumption impeded the sales of choline chloride. Producers held prices of choline chloride flat in a bid to stimulate demand.
In China, transacted prices of 50% choline chloride slid to the range of RMB4.29-4.75/kg and those of 60% choline chloride stayed in the range of RMB4.62-5.30/kg. Prices of 70%-75% liquid products remained at RMB5.26/kg.
With the costs of ethylene oxide falling substantially before the May Day holidays, choline chloride producers are expected to cut prices to move sales. However, with hog feed sales tepid, feed producers may not be keen to increase choline chloride stockpiles.

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