FBA Issue 32: May / June 2010

Product Highlights
Guarantees stable and controlled fermentation process
Offers high flexibility of use in various substrates
Improves feed intake and stabilises animals' digestive tract
Inhibition of undesirable microflora
Schaumann introduces new feed
With Schaumalac Feed Protect, German additive specialist Schaumann is providing an innovative combination of highly active lactic acid bacteria strains for fermentation.
By combining three specially selected homofermentative lactic acid bacteria strains, Schaumalac Feed Protect guarantees a stable and controlled fermentation process. The product offers a high level of flexibility of use in various stable and sugar-rich substrates.
In numerous tests under actual field conditions, Schaumalac Feed Protect increased lactic acid formation by 1% to 3% in fresh mass. pH drops quickly to the desired range of under 4.5. Within the fermented feed, undesirable microflora such as E. coli bacteria are effectively inhibited.
The lactic acid cultivated improves feed intake while stabilising the animals' digestive tract and health status. Starter cultures also increase the digestibility of phosphorus and amino acids in plant-based feeds. Subject to fermentation temperature (20-40°C), a retention period of between eight and 24 hours is to be observed.
Schaumalac Feed Protect manages the fermentation process effectively, and controls feed hygiene in a specific manner. The starter culture can be pre-dissolved in the nutrient solution, and applied to container goods, as a direct liquid application (Schaumalac Feed Start).


Product Highlights
Offers antifungal and ammonia binding properties
Contains amino acids and vitamins
Prevents mycotoxicosis in animals

Meriden launches a new toxin binder
Mycotoxicosis is a well-known immunosuppressant caused by mycotoxins in animal feeds, increasing the risk of scouring, acidosis, enteritis and other gastrointestinal tract problems.  In response to this problem, Meriden Animal Health launched Fusion, a next-generation toxin binder.  Fusion has excellent antifungal, ammonia binding properties and also acts as an anti-caking agent.
Fusion safely binds various mycotoxin derivatives within the animal's gastrointestinal tract while inhibiting mould and fungus growth in feed.
In addition to its toxin binding advantages, Fusion offers analogous properties of a great source of essential amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients required to improve animal health and to boost performance. 
While individual components contained in Fusion have specific characteristics, their modes of actions work synergistically to benefit all animal species. The product name is given to reflect its capabilities:
F  -    Fixes Mycotoxins
U  -    Utilises the Feed
S  -    Synergistic Effect
I  -    Immune Booster
O -    Orego-Stim added
N -    Nutritional Benefits

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