May 3, 2019


India's carabeef exports on a downtrend



India's carabeef exports have been declining after it peaked in 2014, and are expected to further decline in the next five years, according to a Rabobank report.


While carabeef exports rebounded in 2017 to nearly 1.4 million tonnes swt, or shipping weight (equivalent to 1.8 million tonnes cwt or hundredweight, valued at US$4.2 billion), they resumed their downtrend in 2018, said the report, titled "Indian Carabeef Trade at a Crossroads".


These exports accounted for around 18% of the global bovine meat trade (the world's largest), surpassing Brazil and Australia.


"We see a challenging outlook for Indian carabeef exports over the next five years. Chinese demand trends and India's domestic policies—affecting production and animal health-will play a key role. These factors will also have consequences for global beef trade and prices", said Ben Santoso, senior animal protein analyst at Rabobank.


The report said India, with 112 million head, is home to 56% of the global buffalo herd.


Carabeef export supply mostly comes from the disposal of spent dairy buffaloes. This consequently makes Indian carabeef price-competitive in the world markets.