ICC Brazil has announced that the company's StarYeast® product, a dry inactive yeast derived from the fermentation of sugarcane molasses, could be an answer to the EU's vitamin B2-related feed crisis.

EU authorities are currently on standby  due to the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) found in livestock feed in various European countries. The substance in question is a B2 vitamin (riboflavin 80%) that is used as an additive and made from Bacillus subtillis KCCM-10445, a banned, genetically modified bacteria.

Authorities in the EU - which declared itself as GMO-free - are focused on keeping in check the propagation of resistant genes, which can lead to antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans.  Vitamin B2 has been banned since September 19, 2018. As a result, the animal nutrition market has adopted strategies to meet animals' vitamin B2 requirements.

"Aside from its high palatability, StarYeast® offers an excellent nutritional profile and is highly concentrated in B vitamins," ICC Brazil said. "Among these is vitamin B2, necessary for animal nutritional requirements. This product is natural, safe and GMO-free."

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