April 30, 2024


Thai egg prices surge amid heat wave and feed cost hikes



Egg prices in Thailand are poised to rise to THB 3.80 (US$0.10) per egg, as announced by the Thai Cooperative Network for Chicken Egg Producers, due to ongoing heat wave and diminished egg production, Thai News Agency reported.


This adjustment marks the second increase in less than two weeks, with rising temperatures causing heightened stress among egg-laying hens, resulting in reduced egg quantities and sizes. Concurrently, global conflicts have triggered increases in the prices of livestock feed ingredients, further impacting production costs.


The Thai Cooperative Network for Chicken Egg Producers is a network of cooperative farms responsible for chicken egg production, comprising eight cooperative farms nationwide.


Chanuwut Siwamok, deputy secretary-general of the Chicken Egg Producers Association, highlighted the challenges faced by farmers, including decreased egg production and increased costs for water supply and cooling systems due to the scorching weather. Moreover, escalating prices of imported livestock feed ingredients have added to the financial strain on local producers.


The decline in egg production is estimated to range from 5-10% in the market, with smaller farms experiencing even more significant declines of up to 20%. Some small-scale farmers have resorted to culling their flocks due to unsustainable costs.


The recent price adjustment will restore egg prices to the level seen in January, following previous increases and subsequent decreases. Despite the challenges, consumers are reassured that egg supplies remain sufficient, with no need for panic buying. However, future price adjustments will hinge on various factors, including weather conditions and global conflicts affecting raw material prices.


To support farmers amid these challenges, the Thai Ministry of Commerce has engaged in discussions with relevant associations and facilitated the distribution of excess agricultural products through nationwide events and mobile markets.


Efforts are underway to stabilise prices and ensure adequate supply until conditions normalise. Meanwhile, initiatives to promote smaller-sized eggs, which are currently in surplus, aim to balance market dynamics and offer more affordable options to consumers.


-      Thai News Agency

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