April 30, 2024


Aviagen's parent stock distributor in Jordan celebrates opening of new hatchery




Acolid, Aviagen's Indian River® parent stock (PS) distributor in Jordan, recently celebrated the opening of its new hatchery in the country.


Acolid has been an Indian River distributor in the market for 38 years, and recognises the importance in supporting the local poultry industry and ensuring food security within Jordan, Aviagen said.


The Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, governmental bodies and officials, and private poultry companies were in attendance at the opening. The hatchery is equipped with state-of[1]the-art technology to provide the highest quality chicks to local producers. It has a capacity of two million PS chicks annually, which meet around 75% of local market requirements.


Mohammed Mirza Jasim, deputy director general of Acolid, said: "Our new hatchery will assist with the increasing demand for quality breeding stock and will allows us to continue to provide a sustainable source of protein to the local market. Acolid (is) committed to developing and investing in projects such as this new hatchery, in order to assist with economic growth and integration across Arab countries.


"Our new hatchery will contribute significantly to achieving these goals and further strengthen the region's poultry sector."


"This achievement is a testament to Acolid's commitment to quality and innovation in poultry farming," said Indian River commercial manager Kayhan Gursel. "Aviagen is proud to support Acolid as they continue to raise the bar in the industry, bringing superior genetics and expertise to Jordanian farmers. Together, we look forward to driving growth and success in the poultry sector."


- Aviagen

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