April 30, 2021


African swine fever outbreak detected in Inner Mongolia, China


China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said it has confirmed an African swine fever (ASF) outbreak on a farm at the northern region of Inner Mongolia, the 10th ASF outbreak in China this year, Reuters reported.


The ASF outbreak was detected on a Batou city farm, with 343 out of 432 swine dead. Two other ASF outbreaks were confirmed in Xinjiang, northwest of Inner Mongolia.


According to the ministry, ASF is detected in spots and no regional outbreaks have been confirmed.


However, most ASF cases in the country go unreported. The domestic swine industry said ASF has badly affected northern China's swine production in the first quarter of 2021.


From May 1, China will divide the country into five zones to prevent the spread of ASF. Only breeding sows and piglets will be allowed to move between zones.


Fitch Ratings said the zone division may create price discrepancies between regions. Northeast and central China may see an oversupply of swine, while east and south China could look to source pork externally.


- Reuters