April 29, 2021


New Zealand cattle firms partner in trial to monitor cattle methane emissions


New Zealand's Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) and CRV Ambreed have partnered in a four week trial to monitor the methane emitted by 300 bulls, with the bulls that emit the lowest methane may be used for breeding dairy cattle that emit low emissions, the Daily Mail reported.


Richard Spelman​, LIC chief scientist, said the bulls will put their heads into a monitoring machine for two to five minutes to measure methane about six time daily. The emissions will calculated with food intake to obtain a methane-to-feed-intake ratio.


After the bulls have bred, their offspring will be observed to find out if they inherited their father's methane emission traits, especially for dairy cattle.


The goal is to breed cattle that emit low emissions. The cattle that are ultimately bred to emit less methane emissions will also be observed to see if they suffer from side effects such as decreased appetites before the programme is expanded to other farms in New Zealand.


- Daily Mail