April 29, 2021


New Zealand cattle agritech startup raises US$23 million in funding


Halter, a New Zealand cattle Agritech startup, raised US$23 million in its latest funding round for its tech that teaches cattle to herd themselves and allows farmers to monitor their herd remotely, SmartCompany reported.


Halter produces solar powered GPS-enabled collars for cattle that uses sounds and vibrations to guide cattle, allowing farmers to establish "virtual fences" for their herd.


Farmers will also be able to monitor and remotely herd their cows through a smartphone, while the collars gather data on each animal to provide health, wellbeing, and behaviourial insights, such as when the cattle is in heat, calving or lame before any visible signs.


Through this AI powered Cowgorithm technology, farmers can meet the needs of each animal, resulting in improved milk production.


The latest round of investment was led by venture capital Blackbird Ventures, plus existing investors DCVC, Promus Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures and Peter Beck, founder of Rocket Lab.


Craig Piggott, Halter's founder and CEO, said the startup aims to address labour shortage in New Zealand dairy farming. He said they have added one new commercial farm per week.


The company hopes to add to its head count as it expands in New Zealand and aims to go overseas, with initial targets being Australia, South Africa and Europe.


Halter is based in central Auckland, with a research and development farm in Waikato, New Zealand.


- SmartCompany