April 28, 2016


ARM Buildings introduces feed bin monitoring system for pig farming


With feed accounting for the major cost of producing pigs, UK pig farmers are looking to the benefits of monitoring feed use at source - the feed bin itself, ARM Buildings Ltd said.


Tim Miller, environmental specialist with the Staffordshire-based company, revealed that load-cells have been installed under feed bins on a number of units.  Linked to the Dicam monitoring system - which the company supplies free for the first 12 months with all new buildings, they provide a continuous and accurate check on feed consumption.


"If the bin is tared when empty, the producer knows exactly the weight of feed within it after a delivery.  He can see on the farm's computer how much feed the pigs are eating on a daily basis, so (they) can work out how much a particular batch of pigs has consumed, enabling true feed conversion figures to be worked out," Miller explained.


"Farmers have also found it helpful to use monitoring to plan feed deliveries. The days of frantic phone calls to get a load before a holiday period are long gone as are those of having to go out and hit the side of the feed bins to guess the amount of feed remaining, are typical comments I've received from farmers using this system," he added.


The system will also provide early warning of any glitches in the feed supply, such as bridging in the bin, when no feed is being delivered despite the motor running. In addition, a drop in consumption can indicate a potential health problem with the pigs not eating as they should, Miller said.


To integrate the functionality of the system, buildings need standard broadband or cellular connections.


- ARM Buildings Ltd

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