April 27, 2021


US campaign seeks to educate consumers of sustainable beef production


A new campaign by the National Catttlemen's Beef Association (US) will help US consumers learn more about how farmers and ranchers use sustainable practices to care for the land and produce high-quality beef.


Recent scientific research funded by the Beef Checkoff shows that due to decades of continuous improvement on farms and ranches around the country, the United States is the leader in sustainable beef production. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas from beef cattle represents 2% of emissions in the US. Additionally, 90% of what cattle eat is forage and plant leftovers that people can't eat.


The fully integrated campaign will target consumer, influencer, media and supply chain audiences. It will involve advertising on social media; an interactive map on its website, BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com, that will invite consumers to meet beef farmers and ranchers from each US state; a series of interviews showcasing sustainability from farm to table on local TV and radio stations; and content partnerships and sustainability story placements in publications.


According to market research, only 24% of consumers said they were knowledgeable about how cattle are raised. The campaign thus aims to address the issue by introducing consumers to farmers and ranchers in the US and revealing the many efforts underway to help sustain and improve the land.


Consumers will also be introduced to the Environmental Stewardship Award Program and the Beef Quality Assurance Program as further evidence of steps taken by the industry to adhere to the highest standards.


- Beef Checkoff, NCBA