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China - Update on recent industry developments (week ended April 26, 2014)



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    Yongda Group investsRMB344 million inbroilerfarms   Jiangsu NinggongZijin Food Industry builds poultry processing plant in Jiangning
YunanAnyou Feed Technology builds new plant in Kunming        
Wens' new swine breeding project expects toslaughter30,000 pigs annually   Jinxinnongjoins hands with Tianzhong and Nature Healthy Food New Hope Group to build bio-feed production plant in Jiangxi




Yongda Group investsRMB344 million inbroilerfarms   
Located in Puyang district, Henan, Yongda Group's new broiler farmsare estimated to cost a total investment of RMB344 million, and are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.
The broiler farms project includes buildinga RMB44 million commercial broiler plant with 22standardised broiler sheds in Lujiahai village, Bagongqiaotown,which is capable of processing 2.6 million fowls annually;a RMB260 million construction of 13 broiler breeding and demonstration farms in betweenBagongqiao town and Xihanxinvillage, each capable of slaughter 1.2 million fowls annually; a RMB40 million commercial broiler plant with 20 standardised broiler sheds in Huzhuang town, capable ofslaughtering 2.4 million fowls annually.


Jiangsu NinggongZijin Food Industry builds poultry processing plant in Jiangning  

Jiangsu NinggongZijin Food Industry Co. Ltd has invested RMB550 million for the first phase of Nanjing Jiangnan poultry processing plant in Jiangning, and it is expected to be in operation this July. 
The project will include a live chicken production line, capable of processing 100,000 fowls per day, and a live duck production line, capable of processing 50,000 fowls per day. In short, the poultry processing plant is capable of slaughtering a total of 50 million fowls annually, processing an output of 80,000 tonnes of poultry meat.
According to Chen Guajian, chairman of Jiangsu NinggongZijin Food Industry Co. Ltd, Nanjing consumes 200 million poultry annually but only one third of it is raised locally. Hence, besides the poultry processing and slaughtering plant, the company is also planning to invest in a layer farm with an annual capacity of 50 million chicks, a feed plant and ten modern broiler farms with an annual breeding capacity of three million chickens each. 



New Hope Group to build bio-feed production plant in Jiangxi  

A signing ceremony between Jiangxi YingtanHigh-Tech Industrial Development Zone and New Hope Group was held recently for the latter's new bio-feed production plant.
New Hope Group is the largest feed producer in China and is currently ranked third in the world. The RMB100 million bio-feed plant is capable of an annual production of 300,000 tonnes of bio-feed. Once in full operation, it is expected to yield an annual sales revenue of RMB1 billion.
New Hope Liuhe general manager of investment and development department, Zhang Ying, made a speech during the signing ceremony, expressing that New Hope Group will continue to increase its investment and extend its cooperation with different parties to achieve mutual benefits to a greater extent.


Jinxinnong joins hands with Tianzhong and Nature Healthy Food  

Shenzhen Jinxinnong Feed Co., Ltd hadrecently signed a strategic cooperation agreementwith Wuhan Tianzhong Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd and Guangzhou Nature Healthy Food Co., Ltd, to integrate safe and nutritious feed and farming solutions, domesticsupplyof healthypigs, swine farming and pork products more efficiently.
Under the agreement, Wuhan Tianzhong will be responsible for supplying healthy andquality swinebreeds for efficient productions and operations; Jinxinnongis to provide guidance for nutrition and system solutions, while Guangzhou Nature Healthy Food is committed to provide healthy meat for the consumer market. These three parties will each leverage on their individualstrengths, to bring about a powerful and efficient supply chain integration from feed production to swine breeding and farming, and ultimately to provide end consumerswith safe and quality meat products.




Wens' new swine breeding project expects toslaughter30,000 pigs annually   

A land lease signing ceremony was held in early April between Wens Livestock Co., Ltd and Xintian district, JinpenXuxiangLuomingsun village committee, for the former's swine farm project. Xintian district is under the administration of Yongzhou, Hunan province.
The swine farm costs close to a total of RMB50 million in investment, and will be built on an area around 120 hectares. Once the project is completed, it is expected to slaughter 10,000 breeding pigs and 20,000 commercial pigs annually.
Founded in 1983, Wen's Group had sold 12.18 million swine, 697 million broilers, 16.99 million ducks in 2014, achieving a sales revenue of RMB38 billion.


Yunan Anyou Feed Technology builds new plant in Kunming 
Yunan Anyou Feed Technology held a ribbon-cutting ceremony recently for its new plant in Yiliang Industrial Park, Kunming. More than 800 people attended the ceremony, including Yiliang district governor He Jiansheng, deputy governorLi Yuezhong, Anyou Group chairman Hong Ping, group vice presidentsSu Meili and Zhao Gang, staffs, distributors, and other business partners.
To further enhance the quality of products and to reduce costs, the company has invested RMB60 million to plant a new feed miller with a total area of more than 12,000 square metres.The new plant is now officially in operation and is capable of an annual production capacity of 150,000 tonnes of good quality feed. The company is confident of achieving a monthly sales target of more than 5,000 tonnes of swine feed this year with this new addition.
Furthermore, Yiliang's deputy governorLi Yuezhong also mentioned in his opening speech that the new plant will help promote the development of an environmentally friendlyYiliangFeed Industrial Park and low-carbon feed in the industry.


* 1 hectare (10,000 sq. meters) =15 Mu
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