April 27, 2004



US Agency Declares Imported Shrimp Safe

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) in the United States has dismissed allegations that shrimp raised through aquaculture and imported from countries like India were unsafe.


"There is no difference between farmed shrimp and wild-caught shrimp in terms of safety... Seafood, whether imported or domestic, wild-caught or farm-grown, is subject to the same stringent Food & Drug Administration inspection and testing standards," NFI President John Connelly said Saturday.


He warned that attempts to use safety issues for political advantage could "harm all seafood manufacturers ¨C both domestic and foreign."


According to Connelly, false statements regarding farm-raised shrimp safety could potentially damage the entire industry because consumer confidence in all shrimp products is undermined.


NFI is the fish and seafood industry's leading trade association, which represents firms ranging from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations.


Meanwhile, American shrimpers continued to press their demand for anti-dumping duties on shrimp imported from India, Vietnam and other countries.