April 26, 2024


Chile now permitted to export poultry meat to Paraguay




Chile has secured approval to export poultry meat and related products to Paraguay, following negotiations between the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), ChileCarne (the Chilean Meat Exporters Association) and Paraguay's health authority, SENACSA.


Over the past few years, Paraguay's poultry consumption has steadily increased, reaching 25 kilogrammes per capita in 2022, according to statistics from the Paraguayan Poultry Association (AVIPAR). This growth is closely tied to the country's economic development.


Chile currently boasts a poultry consumption rate of 37 kilogrammes per capita. This disparity with Paraguay's consumption rate indicates an opportunity for further expansion in the latter's poultry market.


A key factor for Chile's poultry exports to Paraguay is the Chile-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement in which Chile enjoys zero tariffs when exporting to Paraguay.

- aviNews

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