April 26, 2021


Malaysia poultry feed costs 40% up from past year


The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia (FLFAM) said the price for poultry feed raw materials have jumped 40% in the past year, resulting in increased chicken prices, The Star Malaysia reported.


Tan Chee Hee, FLFAM president, said corn prices have increased 41.3% from MYR 950 (~US$231.43; US$1 = MYR 0.24) in January 2020 to MYR 1,300 (~US$316.69) in March 2021 per metric tonne, while soymeal have increased 57.6% from MYR 1,650 (~US$401.95) to MYR 2,600 (~US$633.37) in the same January 2020 to March 2021 period. Tan said the corn and soymeal are imported, with prices increasing since August 2020.


Tan also said the price of palm oil rose 43.3% from MYR 3,000 (~US$730.82) to MYR 4,300 (~US$1,047.50) per tonne. Palm oil is added to poultry feed.


He said live chicken production costs are MYR6 per kg, urging the government to look at boosting stockpile of raw materials or calling on the private sector to do so to stop the rise of poultry feed and chicken costs.


- The Star Malaysia