April 26, 2021


Taiwan distributes lumpy skin disease vaccines nationwide


Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA) has begun distributing lumpy skin disease vaccines nationwide to protect the country's TWD 14 billion beef and dairy sectors, aiming to inoculate all cattle in Taiwan by April 28, 2021, Taipei Times reported.


Huang Chin-cheng, COA Deputy Minister, said the council's Animal Health Research Institute received 180,000 doses of a vaccine imported from South Africa.


Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that is potentiall fatal to cattle and buffalo, spread by flies and mosquitoes. Infected cattle develop fevers and nodules on their skin.


Lumpy skin disease was detected among cattle in Taiwan at Kinmen County in July 2020. About 6,200 cattle there were vaccinated.


The first case in Taiwan proper was reported in New Taipei City's Linkou District. Out of the 130 cattle there, eight were discovered to have fevers and nodules on their skin. Blood samples detected lumpy skin disease among the eight cattle. It is unknown how the cattle were infected.


Huang Chin-cheng said the Kinmen cattle that were vaccinated showed no side effects with their milk yield stable, adding that the government will continue to thoroughly monitor the situation.


He said the disease would be under control after all cattle in Taiwan are vaccinated, if farmers keep monitoring their livestock's health and local epidemic prevention officials conduct regular inspections.


- Taipei Times