April 26, 2016


FEFAC Congress: Council adopts feed industry vision for 2030


At the 194th FEFAC Council meeting on April 22, following the XXVII FEFAC Congress in Antalya, Turkey, delegates adopted the FEFAC 2030 vision on the animal feed industry.


The vision outlines the role of the feed industry as a knowledge-driven, highly-skilled and reliable partner to a sustainable, competitive EU livestock sector.


FEFAC will present the vision's key pillars, namely, feed safety, animal nutrition and sustainable feed production at the first FEFAC-FEFANA joint conference called "Innovation in Animal Nutrition" on June 9, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.


FEFAC, as well as other partners in the Agri-Food Chain Coalition, call on EU policy makers to adapt the regulatory framework to allow the feed and food chain to boost innovation in order to tackle societal challenges, including climate change, the growing demand for food-feed safety and animal health and welfare.


The Council also re-elected Ruud Tijssens as president of FEFAC, until June 2017. He will continue to work with the Praesidium members Anton Einberger (DVT, Germany), Cristina de Sousa (IACA, Portugal), Tony Bell (AIC, UK), Witold Obidzinski (IZP, Poland) and Jesper Pagh (DAKOFO, Denmark), whose mandates have also been extended by one year.


Jean-Michel Boussit, newly elected president of EUROFAC, will replace Alain Guillaume (SNIA) in the FEFAC Praesidium as from June 1, 2016. EUROFAC, which represents 85% of the French compound feed and premix industry, will take over the FEFAC membership from SNIA on the same date.

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