April 24, 2024


Thailand's heatwave drives up duck egg prices




Duck egg prices in Thailand rose by 4.5% to ฿4.60 (US$0.12) each on April 22 as the continuing heatwave took its toll on the poultry industry.


The Layer Duck Farmers Association announced a 20 satang rise to ฿4.60 each, effective immediately. The increase in duck egg prices followed a similar 20 satang increase in chicken egg prices, almost 6%, to ฿3.60 (US$0.10) each on April 17.


Farmers blame the continuing heat for a drop in supply, with the hot weather stressing birds and leading to fewer eggs produced.


Amphol Saenna, a layer duck farmer in Khon Kaen province, said on April 22 that his birds were producing about 600 eggs a day, a drop from up to 800 eggs on average.


"The extremely hot weather has put the ducks off their food," he said.


He expected egg production would return to normal once the weather cools.


- Bangkok Post

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