April 24, 2019

Animine hosts distributors meeting during VIV Asia 2019


During the VIV Asia 2019 show in Bangkok, Thailand, Animine hosted its annual Asian Distributors Meeting in the city, the company said.

The workshop gathered 25 participants from eight countries in Asia-Pacific and represented an opportunity to celebrate the success in Europe of CoRouge®, a new source of copper (I) oxide which features excellent physical properties, the highest copper concentration in the market (75%), low levels of undesirable substances coupled with high bioavailability and superior growth promoting effects that had been demonstrated in European and US studies.

The last results of Animine's HiZox® were also presented and had strengthened the interest of the potentiated source of zinc oxide for piglets, as well as for sows and poultry, with positive effects recently demonstrated on sow prolificity and eggshell quality, the company said.

- Animine