April 23, 2024


Ghana poultry industry seeks US$100 million revival injection


The Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers (GNAPF) has advocated for a US$100 million capital boost to rejuvenate the country's poultry sector, Ghana News Agency reported.


Victor Oppong Adjei, president of GNAPF, emphasised the need for modern technology and services such as hatcheries, feed production, processing, and marketing to revitalise the industry, highlighting its significant contribution to the economy.


Speaking during an event focused on optimising Ghana's poultry value chain, organised by Ghana's Economic and Trade Mission in collaboration with GNAPF, Adjei addressed challenges facing the sector, including high feed costs, inadequate day-old chicks, and limited infrastructure.


He stressed the necessity of government intervention, proposing policies such as increased tariffs on imported poultry products to safeguard local producers from unfair competition.


Madam Shlomit Sufa, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, commended Ghana's poultry industry resilience, citing Israel's success story in transforming its poultry sector into a global leader.


She highlighted Israeli advancements in breeding, genetics, precision farming, biosecurity measures, and renewable energy integration, underscoring the potential for collaboration to promote shared progress.


Ghana's poultry production holds substantial economic importance, contributing approximately 14% to the agricultural gross domestic product and serving as a vital source of income for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs nationwide.


-      Ghana News Agency

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