April 22, 2024


El Nino shrinks egg sizes in the Philippines


The Philippine Egg Board Association (PEBA) announced an oversupply of small eggs as egg sizes shrink amidst the impact of El Nino in the country, The Philippine Star reported.


According to Francis Uyehara, president of PEBA, chicken layers are consuming less feed due to the scorching heat, leading to a decline in the production of large and extra-large eggs. Uyehara said that the effects of El Nino are particularly severe in the northern regions of the country.


Furthermore, egg producers have witnessed a significant mortality rate among chicken layers due to heat stroke, exacerbating the situation.


Uyehara said the hot temperatures have disrupted the feed consumption of chickens, resulting in decreased production and a notable decrease in egg sizes.


The production of large eggs has seen a decrease ranging between 2% and 5% a significant figure when considering the nationwide scale, he noted.


Additionally, Uyehara highlighted a decrease in egg demand, attributing it to the absence of significant events and irregular school schedules.


Amidst these challenges, the farmgate price of small eggs has dropped between PHP 4.50 (US$0.078) and PHP 5.40 (US$0.094) per piece since late January, with the decline persisting until now.


Egg producers are hopeful for stabilisation in farmgate prices from this month until May, aiming for a more favourable market situation.


Meanwhile, Uyehara urged the Philippines' Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to address the issue of the bird flu vaccine promptly.


Despite these challenges, Uyehara expressed optimism that the poultry industry will overcome these hurdles, emphasising the need for collaboration between government agencies to facilitate progress on the bird flu issue. He also cautioned against the illegal purchase of vaccines online by some poultry raisers.


-      The Philippine Star

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