April 22, 2016


Philippines poultry farms in Palawan struck by Newcastle disease


Poultry farms in several municipalities in Palawan, the Philippines, were struck by the Newcastle disease, according to a report by the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO).


Poultry animals in towns Coron and Roxas, northern Palawan, as well as Brooke's Point in the southern part, had been confirmed to reveal symptoms of the disease, Dr Juanito Lledo and Dr Carla Limsan of the PVO said. Livestock showed signs of secretions from nose, loss of appetite and weakness that could lead to death.


The same observation were also made on birds in the municipalities of Culion and Linapacan.


In response to the latest incidents, a task force - called the Emergency Response on Newcastle Disease (ERND) - had been set up.


The team will oversee the monitoring of the Newcastle disease within the entire province.

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