April 21, 2022


Meat exporters from Brazil face difficulties shipping to Shanghai, China



Brazil's meat lobby group ABPA, which represents major pork and chicken processors such as JBS SA and BRF SA, said its member companies are facing difficulties shipping meat to the Port of Shanghai, China due to a COVID-19 lockdown there, Reuters reported.


ABPA said cargos are forwarded to other ports like Yantian, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, adding that there are no suspension of sales.


Strict lockdown measures have been imposed in Shanghai following a COVID-19 outbreak in March, affecting 25 million residents, businesses, and circulation of goods.


Frozen food containers are backed up at the airport since the lockdown was imposed, with inspection completely stopped for incoming meat.


Brazilian meat imports usually ship to Shanghai.


Reuters said one shipping line operator has stopped exporting Brazilian meat to Shanghai, and offered clients to ship to Xingang and Ningbo instead.


-      Reuters

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