Zhengchang Group and Vietnam-based Dabaco Group have signed a business contract recently, marking their seventh collaboration, and signifying their long-standing partnership built upon mutual trust. The project involves the construction of a 45-tonne-per-hour high-grade livestock feed mill and supporting steel silos.

Growing together

Located in Bắc Ninh, a Vietnamese province that lies east of Hanoi, Dabaco Group is a modern agricultural enterprise that specialises in livestock feed and animalhusbandry.

Zhengchang Group first collaborated with Dabaco Group in 2005, and since then, the former has been assigned to engineer and build six advanced feed production lines for the latter. Besides providing excellent feed processing equipment, Zhengchang Group has also been assisting Dabaco Group with quality services, such as in the areas of feed quality control, and business management.

With the successes of the feed lines, Dabaco Group has expanded significantly in terms of market share in Vietnam. Listed in 2008, Dabaco Group is currently the largest feed enterprise in Vietnam. From the initial meeting to the final contract signing, it has taken both parties exactly one year to finalise their latest feed mill project.

Winning the bid

Though competition was stiff from various domestic and overseas companies who had joined in the bidding for the project, Zhengchang Group's "differentiated" advantage has attracted the attention of Dabaco Group.

Zhengchang is able to provide differentiated feed processing equipment, which help achieve breakthroughs in terms of cost and performance. In addition, the upgraded equipment has also shown significant improve- ments in the areas of productivity, automation, and safety.

Indeed, Zhengchang's groundbreaking innovations have been translating to outstanding monetary gains for its clients, and it is continues to seek further breakthroughs in its technologies. For example, the company's creep feed process has already went through 10 rounds of upgrading.

In order to undertake the project, staff from Zhengchang Group have been working closely with Dabaco Group, flying countless times to Vietnam to communicate with their business partners in person. Likewise, Zhengchang Group has also invited personnel from the Dabaco Group to visit its headquarters, and witness for themselves its large corporate scale, technical strength, and quality management.

Once, Dabaco Group warmly invited the CEO of Zhengchang, Hao Bo, to Vietnam to visit its headquarters. During the visit, Hao Bo also met with other members of its senior management. The latter were very impressed with Zhengchang's unique treatment of piglets to ensure a differentiated feed process. This has provided the confidence for Dabaco to work with Zhengchang, and widened the gap in the competition from other rival companies.

With Zhengchang's advanced technology, high efficiency, and quality services as its strong backing, coupled with the pleasant past experiences of working together, Zhengchang eventually won the contract from Dabaco Group once again, proving that its strategy to expand its business overseas is well on mark.
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