April 20, 2015


World beef exports to reach 10.2 million tonnes in 2015, says USDA



The world's beef exports this year are expected to reach 10.2 million tonnes, up 3% from October's estimates last year, according to the most recent Livestock and Poultry World Markets and Trade report from the US Department of Agriculture.


Despite falling deliveries from the US, Brazil and Uruguay, the impact has been significantly mitigated by bigger shipments from India as well as the EU and Paraguay. In fact, India is increasing its lead over Brazil (followed by Australia and the US) as the world's largest beef exporter, the USDA report said. However, most of the subcontinent's beef is sourced from buffaloes instead of cattle.


The report also foresees a 2% growth in US beef output from October 2014's estimates, to 11.1 million tonnes, due to heavier cattle weights. Exports for US beef could dip 5% to 1.1 million tonnes on the back of a more potent US dollar.


As with some oil-dependent nations, Russia will witness weakening imports due to dwindling oil revenues and an ailing ruble, the USDA report said.

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