April 19, 2021

China AA Broiler: Farmers stand firm amid deficits (week ended Apr 19, 2021)


AA broiler farms, which were incurring losses, were reluctant to cut prices further. Nonetheless, sales showed little improvement as slaughterhouses limited stockpiles with chicken demand flat and profit margins low.

Average AA broiler prices increased 1.7% to RMB8.78/kg after plunging 13% over the past six weeks.

With chick demand sluggish, prices of AA chick dropped to the range of RMB4.30-4.80/chick.

AA broiler prices are expected to consolidate around current levels as farmers withhold releases while slaughterhouses tread prudently. Chick sales will be slow while supplies increase, hence exerting pressure on the market.


Full version of the report will be available at: https://spoutinfo.com/market-forecast-detail/30/32/281/3168


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