April 19, 2021

2020 hog production in Philippines dropped 6.7% from 2019

The Philippines' hog production amounted to an estimated 2.14 million tonnes liveweight (6.7% lower than the 2019 output.) last year, according to the Philippines Statistics Authority


Batangas was the highest producing province with an output of 161.19 thousand tonnes liveweight, followed by Bulacan (141.75 thousand tonnes), and Bukidnon (126.04 thousand tonnes).


The average farmgate price for slaughter pigs in 2020 was ₱108.71 (US$2.25) per kilogramme liveweight, up 2.9% from the average price for the year in 2019. The annual average retail price of lean pork in 2020 was ₱225.15 (US$4.66) per kilogramme, up 4.3% from 2019.


The supply of live hogs during 2020 was 36.64 million head. This represented a 10.9% decrease in regards to the previous year. From 2020 to 2021, the country's swine inventory has decreased by three million heads or 24%.


The number of hogs slaughtered in the Philippines in 2020 decreased 6.6% from 2019 while deaths and losses increased by 33.2%. In 2020, the total volume of pork imported reached 165,226 tonnes, decreasing 42.3% from levels in 2019.


The National Economic and Development Authority has projected the carcass pork deficit for 2021 to be around 477,000 tonnes. This is the difference between domestic production of carcass of around 1.2 million tonnes and the demand of around 1.67 million tonnes, based on a 15-kilogrammes per person per year consumption.


- Philippines Statistics Authority and NEDA