April 19, 2021


Part of US$160,000 state grants accessible by Rhode Island, US farming and seafood businesses


US farming and seafood businesses in Rhode Island can obtain a portion of US$160,000 in state grants to help develop their business and market their products, state environmental officials said.


The Local Agriculture & Seafood Act (LASA) grants direct benefit and strengthen the US state's local food system by helping new and existing small businesses and food initiatives take root and prosper, Rhode Island's Department of Environmental Management said in a statement.


"LASA continues to be an important catalyst in growing a wide range of food and agricultural businesses across our state, and we encourage farmers, fishers and food businesses to apply for these grants to help start or expand their operations in Rhode Island," said Janet Coit, director of the Department of Environmental Management.


Some of the priorities this year include supporting the entry, growth and sustainability of small agriculture or aquaculture projects, supporting businesses led by African Americans, indigenous and other people of color, and fostering new cooperatives, partnerships and collaborations among producers and producer-supporting organisations.


- AP News