CCPA Groupe: Staying true to its 'cooperative' mission
Since its establishment in 1966, France-based cooperative union CCPA Groupe has remained true to its primary mission: to make a lasting contribution to improving the competitiveness of its feed producer clients, distributors and livestock farmers by developing specialist expertise and services in animal nutrition, health and production. And since 2016, the company has been actively extending this mission in overseas markets, including in Asia. In conjunction with EuroTier 2021, which takes place digitally this year, Laurent Roger, sales director of CCPA Groupe, shares with eFeedLink more about the company's latest developments.

eFeedLink: What were some highlights from CCPA at EuroTier this year?

Roger: For more than 10 years, CCPA has been working on 'demedication' or antimicrobial reduction in animal production. Innovation of new active ingredients is one of the core business of CCPA, and our work on demedication is part of this core business. If fact, 85% of the feeds and premixes we produce today are antimicrobial-free. At EuroTier this year, we launched IMMAX®, a natural feed solution for swine. Thanks to its synergetic combination of plant extracts (scutellaria baïcalensis, curcuma and green tea extracts) and a prebiotic source (sodium gluconate), it provides full protection of the swine digestive system.

CCPA also launched OLEOSTAT® at the show, a new, natural alternative for coccidian risk management in poultry. We have conducted product trials under different production conditions and countries including Mexico, United States, Spain and France, with and without the use of coccidia vaccines. In fact, when OLEOSTAT is used in combination with vaccination, a decrease in severity of lesions was observed. Overall, the results have shown that OLEOSTAT is a very versatile solution for different types of production conditions. Bird growth and weight improved, and feed conversion ratio decreased. Product registration for OLEOSTAT is underway in countries in Asia such as Vietnam and India, and we are conducting further trials with customers and distributors.

Another product of highlight at the show is strictly not a new product, but is particularly relevant considering the high costs of raw materials and soybeans currently. Introduced in 1996, the natural additives range VivActiv'® improves protein and energy exploitation of ruminant feed rations. By using products appropriate to different feed rations (rich in fibres, starch, etc.), VivActiv' helps to improve production performances in ruminants. VivActiv therefore results in less losses of nitrogen into the environment, and contributes to more sustainable livestock production.

You mentioned that the high costs of raw materials is an issue in the industry right now. Also, under the cost pressures in the current COVID-19 environment, what additional value can feed mills and farms gain from using CCPA's products and services?

Yes, as a cooperative union of farmers, CCPA always put in high regard the need of farmers to have cost-effective solutions with good ROI. 70% of our R&D is dedicated to understanding the relationships among animal nutrition, welfare, performance, and feed optimisation.

We constantly evaluate different feed raw materials and their coefficients of digestibility, and update our database every year. At our dedicated laboratory in France, we have today 160,000 samples of raw materials in the database, and are able to provide a nutrition matrix as close as possible to the customer's requirements, while meeting the animal's requirements. This reduces feed wastage and improves ROI for the customer.

FeedStim and Crea® Advance are two examples of products we have for improving feed efficiency. The former, for layers and broilers, is a nutritional additive incorporated in premix or poultry feed, and is composed of various antioxidants. This natural solution significantly improves the consumption index (-5%), average daily gain (+10%), as well as egg production (+2%). Crea Advance, for swine, is a premix of additives incorporated into feeds for baconers in growth and finishing periods. It is formulated from a synergistic combination of vegetal extracts and stimulates the digestive process for optimal exploitation of the feed ration. A field trial carried out in Spain in 2017 demonstrated a significant reduction in feed conversion ratio of 4%.

What other developments can customers look forward to from CCPA this year?

In February, at CCPA's virtual launch meeting for 2021, we announced the upcoming launch of a new campaign, to take place from March to June, to promote animal welfare, particularly during hot, stressful periods. Heat stress decreases feeding activity and affects animal performance. We are seeing increasing requirements from customers to have solutions for this issue. During the campaign, CCPA would be showcasing the dedicated solutions it has for poultry, ruminant and swine species. In 2015, CCPA introduced the ThermoTool™ application to enable animal producers to support the comfort of animals during periods of heat stress, depending on the temperature and the ambient humidity level. A new version of the tool would soon be introduced, with additional features such as economic calculations of heat stress risks, and the ROI for farms (for more information :

It was also announced during the virtual launch meeting that CCPA is launching a global programme to manage pododermatitis risk in poultry through feed solutions which enhance gut health and consequently, litter management. Research would be presented at the World Poultry Congress scheduled to take place in August this year.

There are other digital tools that poultry producers in Asia can look forward to this year. One is a broiler slaughter weight forecasting tool, and another is a mobile application to assess pododermatitis risk. Currently, we have achieved proof of concept in poultry farms in France, and are enlarging our observations and acquiring more data to provide accurate advice for specific farms. Other countries, including in Asia, can look forward to these digital tools after September this year.

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