April 18, 2016


Hatchery Roundtable brings together Cobb experts




The second Cobb grandparent hatchery roundtable brought together more than 30 Cobb technical managers from Brazil, Europe and the US in Gainesville, Georgia, US.


The three-day event provided an opportunity to discuss maximizing efficiencies within the company's grandparent and great grandparent hatcheries.


"This roundtable provides a one-of-a-kind experience for our hatchery managers to focus on the challenges of producing grandparent chicks." said Ben Green, hatchery specialist for the Cobb World Technical Support Team. "The most important topic discussed was managing temperature and humidity profiles in the setters to achieve consistent results."


The attendees spent two days in classroom discussions and one visiting a Cobb hatchery.  During the hatchery trip, they observed hatching equipment, participated in chick grading, and watched the truck loading process.  The visit allowed time for managers to share their own experience with the whole group and to compare operational procedures.


"It's incredible the amount of information that can be exchanged just by bringing all of the hatchery managers together, said Eduardo Costa, hatchery specialist for the Cobb World Technical Support Team.  "Since they all hatch the same breed - but in different parts of the world for different market requirements - it gives us the opportunity to discuss the best practices."
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