April 17, 2024


Logistical challenges delay distribution of cattle disease vaccine in Sindh, Pakistan



Despite the Sindh, Pakistan government's development of a vaccine for lumpy skin disease (LSD) in cattle, logistical hurdles and insufficient awareness among small farmers hinder the distribution of the vaccine to cattle farms across the region, The Express Tribune reported.


Since its emergence in 2021, LSD has claimed the lives of numerous cattle nationwide, prompting the Sindh government to embark on vaccine development efforts to mitigate the disease's impact. Despite the vaccine's production at the national level over a year ago, it remains inaccessible in the market due to bureaucratic obstacles and inter-departmental disputes.


Muhammad Saleem, a local cattle farmer, expressed frustration at the unavailability of the locally produced vaccine, citing the financial strain caused by resorting to expensive imported alternatives. While the locally manufactured vaccine could significantly alleviate the burden on farmers, its absence in the market leaves them with limited options.


Discrepancies between government departments further exacerbate the issue, with conflicting accounts regarding vaccine distribution.


Dr Benazir Kanwal of the Sindh Institute of Animal Health clarified her department's role in vaccine production, emphasising the responsibility of the Livestock Department in distribution.


Dr Hizbullah Bhutto from the Livestock Department cited financial constraints and the absence of LSD cases in Sindh as reasons for the halted inoculation drive.


Veterinary experts like Dr Kaleem Rajput advocate for the continuation of vaccination efforts as a preventive measure against potential outbreaks, underscoring the importance of sustained disease management strategies.


-      The Express Tribune

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