April 17, 2024


UAE grapples with poultry meat shortage, relies on imports to meet demand


A recent report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) highlighted the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) persistent challenge of chicken deficit, necessitating significant imports to fulfil domestic needs, AviNews reported.


Despite economic growth and substantial foreign investment, the UAE continues to struggle with a shortage of chicken production. The country's small-scale domestic output fails to match the increasing demand from its population, even as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic with a recovering economy.


The USDA's projections for 2024 indicate a substantial increase in chicken imports for the UAE. This anticipated surge is driven by the limited expansion of national production, which remains inadequate to meet the growing demand.


Geographical constraints and other factors pose inherent challenges to the UAE's poultry industry, necessitating heavy reliance on imports.


Amid economic recovery efforts, the UAE prioritises the import of chicken to address its population's dietary requirements.


The USDA report showed the importance of sustained cooperation between the UAE and poultry-exporting nations to ensure a consistent supply of this essential protein source.


-      AviNews

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