April 17, 2017


63 people charged over Brazil tainted-meat scandal


The number of people charged in connection with the Brazilian tainted-meat scandal has risen to 63, the Brazilian federal police said Sunday, April 16. 


According to a report by Chinese news agency Xinhua, the charges included falsifying medical records and certificates, tampering with food products, conspiracy and corruption.


On March 17, the police announced that 21 Brazilian meat companies-including Brazil's largest meat producers, BRF and JBS-might have bribed government officials to approve spoiled meat, adding that at least 30 people allegedly involved in the scandal had been arrested.


The scandal led at least 25 countries to temporarily suspend imports of Brazilian meat.


Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef and poultry, and the fourth-largest exporter of pork.


The scandal is expected to cost Brazil's export market some US$1.5 billion in lost annual revenue, according to the report.

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