April 17, 2017


AB Vista expands ruminant expertise with new appointment



AB Vista continues to grow its ruminant business with the appointment of Nelson Ferreira to the company's Brazilian team, in the new role of ruminant business manager, the company announced in February this year.


Waldemar Rieping, AB Vista's business director for Latin America at AB Vista, says Ferreira's technical and sales experience will benefit customers in the growing ruminant market by working closely with them to optimise their feed and nutrition and improve margins.


"The last two years has proved challenging for producers, with the increased cost of production and added economic pressure impacting heavily on milk and meat prices. However, experts believe that 2017 will be more positive when it comes to grain prices, and we will see improved profitability for dairy producers and feedlots."


Rieping says that, as a result of market pressure, many customers are turning to technology, in order to maximise feed formulation to achieve improved average daily gain and increase performance benefits.


In turn, AB Vista's ruminant team is keen to work with producers to implement relevant tools that can help to optimise nutrition.


One such tool for improving efficiency is AB Vista's Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology, which provides comprehensive measurements, delivering improved accuracy, quality and sustainability for feed production.


Ferreira joins AB Vista following a role as senior district Manager at Elanco.

He graduated from the Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio De Mesquita Filho" in Botucatu, Brazil as an animal scientist and specialised in animal nutrition at the University of Wyoming in the US and Rehagro in Brazil. He went on to complete an MBA in sales management from Higher Education Institute, Fundação Getúlio Vargas.


Rieping adds: "Mr Ferreira's extensive background in animal nutrition means our customers will benefit from specialist advice on using AB Vista's innovative products and services to achieve greater nutrient release from their animal feed."


- AB Vista

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