April 16, 2024


Poultry traders in Lahore, Pakistan, accused of overcharging poultry sellers




Wholesale poultry traders in Lahore, Pakistan, are accused of selling chicken to retailers at exorbitant prices.


Several poultry sellers have complained that they were forced to buy costly live chicken by wholesale traders.


On April 13, when chicken supply resumed after end of the Eid holidays, traders were said to have circulated fake rate lists among retailers, forcing them to buy a live chicken at Rs150-200 (US$0.54-0.72) more than prices stated on the price list issued by authorities.


According to one poultry seller, traders were claiming that poultry farmers have raised price of chicken unilaterally, leaving them with no option but to raise wholesale prices.


Prices of live chicken had spiked significantly at the start of April, reaching a record level of Rs459 (US$1.65) per kilogramme from Rs421 (US$1.51), according to an official price list. There were allegations that poultry sellers did not set prices based on the official price list.


However, poultry associations attributed the increase in poultry prices to supply and demand.


- The News International

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