April 16, 2019

Royal De Heus acquires majority stake in Ukraine's D-Mix


On March 4, Royal De Heus signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in D-Mix, a Ukraine-based company that  produces concentrates speciality feeds and complete feeds, mainly for poultry and pigs, De Deus announced last month.

With this partnership, the company marked a strategic step in the attractive Ukrainian market for animal feed following over a decade of exporting animal nutrition products to Ukraine. As a result of the deal, a joint venture company will be formed to carry out business activities under the trade name "Koudijs Ukraine". The closing of De Heus acquisition  is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

The family-owned business D-Mix is managed by Fedir Shopsky and is located in Zolochiv in Western Ukraine and has a strong regional position. The company has a production capacity of 80,000 tonnes and crushes 50,000 tonnes of sunflower seeds and soybeans. The company will also begin the construction of a premix factory which is expected to be operational by early 2020. The day-to-day management of the joint venture will be in the hands of Shopsky.

"I am happy that we have transformed our long-lasting cooperation with De Heus into a partnership. De Heus is the best partner to jointly further expand our growing customer base and offer our customers extra support in professionalising their livestock farms," Shopsky said.

"I believe that the knowledge and long-term vision of De Heus will contribute a lot to the rapid growth of our joint business and together, we will go straight forward to the next development phase."

Both De Heus and D-Mix have in-depth and specialised knowledge in the animal feed sector for poultry and pigs. This knowledge will be shared and further developed through the international network and expertise of De Heus. It will enrich Koudijs Ukraine's knowledge in the area of nutrition, livestock farming and production technology, accelerate innovation, improve the quality of animal feed, strengthen customer support and optimise the production processes, De Heus said.

"Koudijs Ukraine has a bright future. For many years, we continue to invest to improve our technical support to customers. We believe that our extensive experience in international livestock farming and the animal feed sector will also be of value in further professionalising livestock farming in Ukraine", said Koen de Heus, CEO of Royal De Heus.

- De Heus