April 15, 2015


Myanmar to get more beef and pork imports from US, Japan and Brazil


High-quality beef and pork exports from the US, Japan and Brazil will soon reached Myanmar in higher volumes, GlobalMeatNews reported.


The development comes after a discussion in March this year, between Myanmar's Meat Industry Board and representatives of meat producers from the respective countries.


According to U Win Sein, the vice-chairperson of the Myanmar Livestock Federation, the import of high-quality meats had been very limited while data on the trade are scant and deliveries actually arrived via Singapore.


In the meantime, as demand would remain "fairly low", Sein believed that growth of such will be driven by the presence of foreigners and the rising middle class.


Dr Tha Hla, the chairperson of the government-linked MIB, assured that the increased imports of beef will not be an issue, noting that he has yet to receive any objections.


"Myanmar doesn't produce prime beef. Our beef is sourced from aged cows and is unsuitable for high-end restaurants and hotels. As such, there's no competition between local and international beef producers. In fact, I'd say that the industry is happy with the move," Dr Hla said.


In addition, he expected a higher demand for beef over pork as the former has a larger selection of high-end products.

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