April 14, 2016


Mettler-Toledo introduces next generation checkweighers




Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched a new generation of checkweighers called C3000 System.


The innovative platform covers a weighing range of up to 10kg and allows food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to inspect up to 600 products per minute, resulting in increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


"For a number of years, we have been witnessing rising consumer demand for convenience products. Asia Pacific countries have been driving global growth in food packaging technology due to a growing urbanised population, a boom in the middle class with increased economic strength and the rising popularity of foods-on-the-go - with a predicted increase in sales at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2014 to 2019," Dr. Jonas Greutert, general manager of Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH, said.


In 2013, packaged foods experienced fast growth in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia (41%), Vietnam (30%) and Thailand (26%).


In order to meet this demand, it is essential for manufacturers to produce multiple types of products efficiently within one manufacturing plant, Dr. Greutert added.


"In today's ever increasing competitive global market, manufacturers need to be confident that they will continually produce high quality, safe products at the correct weight and at a low cost per package," he explained. "Our new generation of checkweighers helps manufacturers ensure supreme levels of weighing accuracy at high throughput rates. In addition, this technology improves overall production line efficiency and supports food companies in future-proofing their business."


The increased stability of the new C3000 System provides protection against vibrations caused by other production line machinery and offers enhanced performance by up to 33% with regard to throughput rates, with higher weighing accuracy.


The system's modular design allows for a variety of configurations and manufacturers can choose from a range of optional product inspection technology combinations, such as metal detection (CM model) or vision inspection (CV model), which are specially designed as Critical Control Points (CCP). This helps manufacturers of food and pharma products to meet quality assurance criteria in accordance with FDA, 21 CFR Part 11 or IFS.


A CM3570, for example, combines state-of-the-art checkweighing technology with the proven 'Profile' metal detector technology to check that products are free from metal contaminants at the correct weight within a single system.


The flexibility of the advanced metal detection technology allows processing lines to run at optimal speeds, inspecting a variety of products at correct frequency levels to ensure the best level of sensitivity is reached. For optimum metal detection capabilities, metal detection sensitivity options incorporate two tuned frequency ranges, 100/300/800 Hz and 25/100/300 Hz respectively. A single Human Machine Interface (HMI) seamlessly controls the checkweighing and metal detection technology, enhancing OEE by reducing programming time and the risk of operator error. The systems also integrate centralised inventory management technology, enabling faster, more effective reporting on product changeovers and the rejection of defective products.


The new interference-free mounting of the C3000 System's load cell offers protection against production line disturbances and vibrations. An optimised transition zone between the small diameter rollers of the conveyors improve product transfer, thus increasing weighing accuracy, leading to higher throughput. The load cell can be mechanically decoupled from the rest of the machine to maintain maximum weighing accuracy. In conjunction with improved conveyors and other checkweighing specifications, the load cell allows for configurations that cover a weighing range of up to 10kg.


To improve ease of cleaning and maintenance in harsh wash down environments, the C3000 System checkweighers are constructed with a robust tubular base frame and a highly adaptable modular design, featuring an open structure and minimised horizontal surfaces.


Additionally, the slotted toothed belt guards on the conveyors are designed for fast and easy inspection, even during production. Companies requiring ingress prevention of particles such as granulates and powders can further customise the conveyor design with the Granulate Conveyor option. This features 15mm diameter belt deflection rollers for the highest weighing accuracy - which is beneficial for smaller, lighter products at higher throughputs - and IP65 rating for washdown environments.


The intuitive user interface, with its anti-glare display and a standard USB port, makes for easier and faster operations and can be effortlessly integrated into existing manufacturing IT infrastructures, supporting open interfaces and industry standards such as PackML.


In addition, based on Mettler-Toledo Garvens' evaluation of all food and pharmaceutical safety requirements, the checkweigher is tested according to international standards for machine safety and operator design and always equipped with an emergency stop pushbutton and on / off switches, allowing operators to ergonomically interact with the machine.


The design of the C3000 System facilitates any future modifications or upgrades to be implemented, complemented by the optimal combination of open structures and sturdiness to protect sensitive machine parts. This ensures that food and pharmaceutical manufacturers can future-proof their technology investment for new product lines.


The dynamic C3000 System portfolio currently includes the C3530, with a 7-inch touchscreen-terminal capable of storing up to 100 product setups, and the C3570, with a 15-inch touchscreen and storage capability of up to 200 product setups.


Both models offer an extensive range of optional software functions to support and streamline production processes, and various checkweigher combination solutions with metal detectors and vision inspection systems.

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