Events in the next three months


In five days, the 4th International Symposium on Genomics in Aquaculture will open in Athens, Greece. The three-day event will offer a high-quality meeting with leading keynote speakers and where young researchers are strongly encouraged to participate.


We've picked 10 other events that are slated in April, May, June and July, including the 2nd Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will bring together an international mix of experts including aquaculture engineers, researchers and decision makers both from academia and the industry across the globe. 






4th International Symposium on Genomics in Aquaculture

April 20 – 22, 2016

Athens, Greece


The fourth Genomics in Aquaculture symposium will take place in Athens, Greece on April 20 to 22. The scientific coordination is done by Nordland University (Norway) and the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece).


Aquaculture is among the fastest growing food-production sector, contributing to approximately 50% of all seafood consumed worldwide. In spite of the notable progress in developing genomic resources during the last decade, the application of genomics for improved aquaculture practices is still in its infancy. In addition, the research community in this field is still scattered. The aim of the GIA2016 is to bring together scientists from different fields to discuss the state-of-the art genomic studies applied to aquaculture and to foster innovative research ideas and collaborations.


The conference will offer a high-quality meeting with leading keynote speakers and where young researchers are strongly encouraged to participate. A selection of papers will be published in a special issue of "Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology – Part D: Genomics and Proteomics". 



Seafood Expo Global

April 26 – 28, 2016

Brussels, Belgium


Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global ((formerly the European Seafood Exposition/Seafood Processing Europe) is reputedly the world's largest seafood trade event, featuring more than 1,700 exhibiting companies from over 70 countries. Exhibitors supply all types of fish, seafood and seafood-related products or services. Attendees travel from 150 countries to do business at the three-day event.


This is an opportunity to find new products; source all varieties of seafood, seafood products, services and equipment from around the world; connect with industry professionals; and sharebest practices.


Organised by Diversified Communications, Seafood Expo Global is a must-attend for those who want to do business with the global seafood industry.


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Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2016

April 26 – 29, 2016

Surabaya, Indonesia



The Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2016 is a major platform for world aquaculture leaders. Aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region is a rapidly expanding business venture providing employment in rural and coastal areas and contributing to the growth of their respective economies. "Profitability, Sustainability and Responsibility for the Future" will be the theme of APA 2016.


Almost all the Asian uprising economies will gather to discuss about the latest developments, newest technologies in a period where recent climate changes have become a challenge for the industry. It will be an exceptional prospect for academics as well as aquaculture experts to enhance and share their knowledge, have peer engagements, widen the network, and expand the vision. It will also be a perfect international platform for industry to meet with potential business partners and acquire new markets.


Hosted by the Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries (MMAF), APA 2016 will be held on April 26-29 at Grand City, Surabaya, Indonesia. With more than 17,000 islands and with an achievement of around 50% production increase by utilising only a 20% area increase for the last five years, Indonesia is undoubtedly the prominent location for the world to gather and share the latest developments on aquaculture. 


APA 2016 will also include IndoAqua 2016, FITA 2016 and International Symposium on Tilapia (ISTA) 2016. A special industry session consisting of up-to-date applied technologies for Indonesian aquaculture producers and technical sessions covering all aspects of Indonesian and South Asian aquaculture will be part of APA 2016.


The core of APA 2016 is the plenary sessions featuring leading scientists in the field of aquaculture. One of them is Dr. Endhay Kontara, who is a senior research scientist at MMAF and a prominent figure in Indonesian aquaculture. He will talk on "Indonesian Aquaculture: Profitability, Sustainability and Responsibility for the Future".


Another is Prof. Chalor Limsuwan of Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, whose career of over 30 years in the shrimp industry. He will speak on "Lesson Learned from Thailand and Other Countries on Shrimp Culture Management". With an exceptional knowledge in shrimp culture and disease prevention, the plenary session will be a data mine for personnel with applicability to the shrimp industry. With the changes in the climate and pathogenic challenges, his talk will address the major complications in the shrimp industry.


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Aquaculture Extrusion Technology short course

May 9 – 11, 2016

Ås, Norway


This three-day course, which will be held at the Centre for Feed Technology (FôrTek), Arboretvn 10, N-1432, Ås (near Oslo), covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes, and the formulation of extruded aquafeeds. Principles learned will be demonstrated using the extruder in the Centre for Feed Technology pilot plant.


The course will cover topics from the basics of extruders and their configuration, through what is happening chemically and physically inside the extruder barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and extruder instability. Examples in product formulation and the design of extrusion processes will be included to demonstrate application of the theory.


Principles learned will be applied during the practical demonstration on Day 2. Important aspects of peripheral systems (e.g., raw materials pre-processing, preconditioning, product drying) are also covered.


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Food and Feed Drying Technology

May 12 – 13, 2016

Ås, Norway


Drying is one of the most common operations in food and feed production. It is used across virtually every sector/commodity. It is critical to the quality and/or functionality of many products, and it is one of the most energy-intensive process operations. Yet it is often poorly understood and inefficient.


This short course in drying technology combines the practical perspective of experienced industry professionals with the in-depth technical knowledge of drying processes.


The course will start by explaining water activity in products, and how it relates to both the quality/preservation of the product and the efficiency of the drying process. It will then go on to the basics of drying theory and how this theory relates to practical application. Different types of drying systems will be explained.  Principles of psychrometrics will be combined with heat and mass balance techniques to analyse and design drying processes, demonstrated using practical examples.


On Day 2, more advanced drying concepts will be explained, using practical examples to demonstrate how drying curves can be modeled and predicted based on real data. Quality issues in dried products will also be discussed in more detail, and a case study presented to show how existing drying processes can be improved.  The program will finish with a series of case studies about different drying technologies.


This course is about understanding the drying technologies used commonly across the food and feed industries and how one can use that understanding to improve current processes and products, or design/select new systems that are both effective and efficient.


Venue of the course, which will be presented in English, is the Centre for Feed Technology (FôrTek), located at Arboretvn 10, N-1432, Ås (near Oslo).


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Aquaculture UK 2016

May 25 – 26, 2016

Scotland, UK



Now in its 10th year, Aquaculture UK is the most important aquaculture exhibition and conference held in the British Isles. It has gotten bigger and more valuable to the industry through the years and is now firmly established as an important and truly international trade venue for the aquaculture industry.


Aquaculture UK in 2016 will have new and better facilities for exhibitors and visitors when it is held on May 25-26 atMacdonald Aviemore Highland Resort in Aviemore, Scotland.


Aquaculture UK offers exhibitors a valuable opportunity to launch new products, meet decision makers and promote their products and services. No other event in the British Isles provides aquaculture professionals with such direct access to qualified buyers and suppliers from all over the globe representing all aspects of the aquaculture industry. All the major aquaculture countries are represented by exhibitors and visitors.


Aquaculture UK welcomes bona fide trade visitors and those with commercial, academic and similar interests in aquaculture. Admission is free.


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Middle East & Central Asia Aquaculture 2016

June 2 – 4, 2016

Izmir, Turkey


The Middle East & Central Asia Aquaculture 2016 (MECAA16) will be held in conjunction with Future Fish Eurasia at the Izmir Expo Center in Izmir, Turkey, on June 2 – 4. MECAA saw its first edition in Tehran, Iran, last year. It brings together aquaculture industry experts and academics from the Middle East to showcase the latest products and offer industry professionals a state-of-the-art platform to interact.


The MECAA16 programme includes specific topical industry sessions, technical sessions, facilitated workshops and panel discussions. It will provide a unique networking platform to industry professionals and aquaculture academics. 


Future Fish Eurasia, which is the 8th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports, Processing, Aquaculture and Fisheries, is organised by Eurasia Trade Fairs at the Izmir International Fair Centre between in conjunction with Middle East & Central Asia Aquaculture (MECAA16).


The concept of Future Fish Eurasia is a combination of fish products, aquaculture and fish processing equipment. It caters to fish traders, fish farmers and processors.


Attendees can expect a programme covering a wide range of topics such as shrimp, biotics and bioflocs, marine fish, aquaponics, aquaculture investment in the Middle East & Central Asia, sustainable aquaculture, freshwater fish, nutrition, health, algae, seaweeds, production systems, offshore aquaculture, water conservation, education and technology transfer.


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17th International Symposium on Feeding and Nutrition in Fish

June 5 – 10, 2016

Idaho, USA


The symposium is an international conference of fish nutritionists from academia, government and industry. It is held every two years and draws about 500 participants. There will be nine half-day sessions encompassing current important topics in fish nutrition and feeding.


The symposium will take place in Sun Valley Resort in Ketchum, Idaho.


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June 13 – 15, 2016

Stavanger, Norway


AquaVision is the biennial international aquaculture and food business conference organised to provide a platform and network for discussion at a strategic level on current and future concerns from consumption and marketing back to farming, fish processing and feeding.


Since its beginning in 1996 AquaVision has developed as a leading meeting place for decision makers in modern aquaculture worldwide.


A fully booked conference in 2014, with more than 430 stakeholders from 46 countries, showed the importance of AquaVision as a meeting place.


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Fish Breeders' Round Table 2016

June 14 – 15, 2016

Tromsø, Norway


Fish Breeders' Round Table is a meeting for global aquaculture breeding industry and research organisations. The program is set up to allow for plenty of discussion. All participating organisations must present results, but no abstracts are required.


It will be held in Scandic Ishavshotel in Tromsø, Norway.


Sessions will deal with genomics, feed efficiency, fish welfare and health, and free communication.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit to Nofima's Centre for Marine Aquaculture on June 14, as well experience the midnight sun on a hiking tour to Sommerøya ca, one hour from Tromsø, on the evening June 13.


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2nd Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

July 11 – 13, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries brings together an international mix of experts including aquaculture engineers, researchers and decision makers both from academia and the industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experiences and research innovations.


With the theme "Harvest Future Sustainable Aquaculture", the summit will feature exhibition on new aqua feeds, among others.


Aquaculture is a major field in modern food supply. According to FAO, aquaculture is understood to mean the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants. Farming implies some form of intervention in the rearing process to enhance production, such as regular stocking, feeding, and protection from predators. In the recently published global outlook report entitled Fish to 2030, the overwhelming majority of the projected increase in global fish production is expected to come from aquaculture as it has for the past several decades.

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