April 13, 2015


SEA demand lifts UK Feb wheat exports to three-year high



UK wheat exports set a new three-year record in January, boosted by the biggest sales outside the European Union since 2000.


The UK, the European Union's third largest wheat producer, exported 267,116 tonnes of the grain in February, more than four times the shipments in February last year.


The figure was also the highest since January 2012, the start of the second wettest year on record in the UK which badly affected the quality of that year's crop, and set back autumn sowings ahead of the 2013 crop.


The country is only now returning to being a net exporter of wheat, with shipments for the first eight months of 2014-15, at 1.34 million tonnes, some 203,000 tonnes ahead of imports.


Even then, it is estimated that the UK has an export surplus for 2014-15 of some 3.5 million tonnes.


The rise in February's wheat exports reflected in part strong shipments (131,625 tonnes) to Spain, a major buyer of feed grain.


An even larger 135,491 tonnes was shipped outside the EU - the biggest such exports since 2000. These included 52,675 tonnes to the Philippines, the first shipments to the country in five years, and 55,000 tonnes to Thailand.

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