April 12, 2017


China Broiler Weekly: Prices consolidate lower in most parts of China (week ended Apr 12 2017)


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Price summary


Prices were mostly lower.
Market analysis
AA broiler

Release volumes of AA broiler remained limited. However, as slaughterhouses held back purchases amid slow demand for chicken products, prices dropped 2.2% on average.


In anticipation of weak chicken demand during summer, broiler farms withheld chick purchases, hence driving prices lower to the range of RMB0.90-1.40/bird.


China breed broiler

Prices of China breed broiler softened in most regions of China. However, high mortality losses and low chick purchases during January resulted in scarce availability in Guangdong, lifting prices by another 18%. On average, native broiler prices increased 4.9% over the week.


Meanwhile, surging broiler prices boosted the confidence of farmers, hence helping to increase the sales of day-old chicks.


Market forecast

Prices of AA broiler are poised to increase at a slow rate as slaughterhouses stay cautious. China breed broiler market should remain stable, but prices in southern China, which are 50% higher than those in the northern provinces, are likely to consolidate lower.
RMB=US$0.1450 (Apr 12)

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