April 12, 2016


Israel's lower tariffs for food import upset poultry farmers


Israel's decision to lower tariffs for food imports had upset local poultry farmers in the country's north, leading to a demonstration by more than 2,000 protesters.


Opponents against the change, which will last for several months, are concerned that the domestic industry will be affected as well as farmers' incomes.


Farmers are fighting a war, said Meir Tzur, secretary for the Israel Farmers Federation. 

"This is a fight for our homes, for the livelihoods of 2,800 poultry farmers," he added.


The reforms - initiated by Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel - are also destroying farming and settlements near the northern border, Yesh Atid MK Haim Jelin, who heads the Knesset Agriculture Lobby, said.


However, Yaron Mazuz, deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Office, claimed that livelihoods will not be affected, and that he will discuss the matter with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


- Then Jerusalem Post

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