April 11, 2017


Aviagen appoints new hatchery technical service manager for Asia Pacific



Aviagen has appointed Dr. Ampai Nangsuay as its new hatchery technical service manager for the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Nangsuay will be responsible for providing in-depth customer support in the hatchery and communicating any new developments and research in incubation. She is reporting directly to Mark Wright, regional technical service manager (Asia) and will service all Aviagen commercial brands - Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® - that are actively sold and distributed in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Nangsuay is a graduate in animal science and also achieved a Master of Science degree in Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology from Kasetsart University, Thailand, before she went on to graduate with a Ph.D. in June 2016, from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.  Her doctorate was funded by the primary breeding industry and focused on the mechanisms and practical implications of incubating eggs from different origins and sources.

Dr. Nangsuay also has experience in the poultry industry, starting out collecting eggs before moving to the hatchery, broiler breeder production, and production planning for Sun Food International Co Ltd, an integrated broiler company in the Thai poultry industry.  She has also spent three years as a technical advisor responsible for customers in Thailand, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where she supported product performance in the field for the former breeding company, Hybro. The region will benefit from her direct industry experience and extensive expertise in incubation, nutrition and production.

"We welcome Ampai as the latest member and new hatchery specialist in the Asia Pacific team.  Her industry experience coupled with her more recent knowledge and expertise in incubation will be well received by our customers.  We wish Ampai every success in her new role as hatchery technical service manager within Aviagen Asia," commented Wright.

- Aviagen

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