April 11, 2017
Trouw Nutrition: an improved manufacturing method for handling, precision and uniformity in feed additives

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Optisize technology creates uniform, low-dust trace mineral particles that are non-reactive, non-hygroscopic and which blend and mix more evenly into feed, meaning more nutrients make their way into the animal.
Some feed additive particles can create just as many problems as they try to solve. Binding with other nutrients, blending unevenly or making excessive dust are all major detractors to otherwise high quality feed additives. Poorly made particles turn into poor investments due to instability, caking, clumping and unnecessary messes, all resulting in fewer valuable nutrients being available for use by the animal.
Addressing the feed producers' needs
These issues affect the bottom line for almost every producer and nutritionist, as feed and feed additives are major investments. They need to have confidence that these issues will not get in the way of the quality and quantity of each animal's yield.
OptiSize Large Particle Technology was created as a response to these needs. This technology is meant to address these issues and it indeed boasts benefits that traditionally manufactured trace minerals cannot provide, such as improved handling, precision and uniformity in feed. Typical trace minerals, both organic and inorganic, lack the unique OH group covalently bonded to the metal, meaning OptiSize particles fall into a new category called hydroxy trace minerals.
Making the process easier and increasing profit
The hydroxy trace minerals produced with this technology are uniform, non-hygroscopic, non-reactive and low-dust. Particles have an average mean particle size of 175 microns, and all feature a uniform, spherical shape. These particles do not bind with other nutrients, promote oxidation or create excessive residue. This means they also have a reduced carryover risk with less mess and less waste. Less wasted feed additives leads to greater yield from the animal, benefitting the needs of producers and nutritionists.
The OptiSize process also inhibits particles from absorbing moisture to prevent caking or clumping in the mixers and bags. With this technology, less product is rendered unusable before the customer even opens the bag.
OptiSize Large Particle Technology is a core feature of the Selko® IntelliBond® line of hydroxy trace minerals.
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