April 11, 2016


Nutriad presents at Pig Feed Quality Conference




Nutriad has declared the 2016 Pig Feed Quality Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, a success for presenting the latest in 'science, trials and applications' in pig nutrition to its attendants.


The company was a major sponsor and brought a delegation of customers from Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines to the event.


One of the highlights was Nutriad's presentation by renowned swine nutrionist, Professor Bruno Silva, from University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, on "The effect of maintaining appetite on the performance of mixed parity highly prolific sows during lactation to oestrus in hot, humid climates".


BK Chew, Nutriad's Regional Director (APAC), noted the elevated interest in functional feed additives to support the need for fast improving efficiency and profitability.


"Asia is enjoying the most rapid growth in livestock production in the world, aspiring to be at the technological forefront in swine production, aiming for 40 piglets weaned per sow per year by year 2020," Chew said. "This goal can be achieved with a combination of genetic improvement, management advancements and nutritional strategies."


"Products that help nutrition happen by stimulating feed intake and water intake get more and more attention in Asia," Ab Greven, APAC Palatability Manager with Nutriad, added. "Nutriad's palatability products are designed to help livestock reach their genetic potential and improve productivity. With the improved number of piglets weaned and the targets for the future, we need to ensure that feed is fully consumed during all life stages; from weaning to finishing, gestation and lactation." 


Greven commented that the presentation by Dr. Silva highlights the importance of the effect of high temperature and humidity on feed intake during lactation. The latter shared the impact of adding Krave AP® to offset the lower feed intake of sows by stimulating their appetite.

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