Moba has announced that it has joined forces with a consortium of Dutch leading companies to improve the poultry chain in Indonesia.

The consortium, called the FoodTechIndonesia partnership, was recently launched in the VIV Asia show in Thailand.

According to Moba, the companies that are involved in FoodTechIndonesia have innovative and integrated solutions that will strengthen Indonesia's poultry sector. In face of rising demand, the industry requires a vast capacity expansion in all segments of the value chain.

"Indonesia is the largest country and economy in Southeast Asia, with a fast-growing and increasingly urban population of over 266 million," the company said. "Per capita annual consumption of poultry meat is expected to increase from 10.9kg (2017) to approximately 15kg (2023) and egg consumption from 5.6kg or 89 eggs (2017) to approximately 7.1 or 113 eggs (2023). The increase is achieved by the purchasing power of the growing middle-class. They are more and more conscious about food quality and safety and are changing their preference towards protein-rich and value-added products."

The consortium is comprised of leading, non-competitive parties from various segments in the Dutch poultry value chain. By joining FoodTechIndonesia, Moba is able to provide Indonesian companies with integrated solutions that will enhance their business.

Moba, together with the other companies, will also share best practices, provide knowledge and training, demonstrating that investments in Dutch products and solutions are commercially attractive and applicable to the Indonesian needs, the company added.

"Indonesia's egg industry has undergone an important change and the industry keeps growing. The need for innovative and integrated solutions is increasing in the different regions in Indonesia. Moba is able to meet these needs," said Teddy Wong, Moba's area sales manager who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. "Through our automation systems, Indonesian poultry companies will reduce labour costs significantly, and this will further maximise their profits."

Dimitri Goossens, general manager Moba Asia, said: "Moba is convinced that exchanging knowledge and best practices, will benefit both the Indonesian poultry industry and the FoodTechIndonesia consortium. It is our focus to provide egg producers with the latest innovative equipment that will be beneficial to their business and help them grow."

The FoodTechIndonesia initiative has been developed, and is coordinated by Larive International together with its Indonesia-based affiliate Clarity Research.

The consortium receives funding from the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the Partners for International Business and Impact Clusters programmes.

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