April 10, 2017


Ireland's head of government supports promotion of Irish beef in Germany


Bord Bia engaged the support of Ireland's head of government (or Taoiseach), Enda Kenny, to promote Ireland's new beef campaign in Germany.

During his visit, the Taoiseach and Bord Bia met with key business partners in the promotion of Irish beef. The Taoiseach`s engagement afforded Bord Bia access to the key customers of Irish beef including the CEOs of retailer Real Hypermarket and foodservice operators Block Foods AG and Niggemann Food Frischemarkt. 

During the meetings, Bord Bia pressed the case for increasing imports of Irish beef for their respective businesses.

Bord Bia has developed the new five-year Irish beef campaign following extensive consumer research which showed that German shoppers want to hear about the origin of the meat they purchase and who is behind it.

In 2016, Ireland exported 23,000 tonnes of beef to Germany, a double in volume since 2012 and Bord Bia aims to increase this figure to 30,000 tonnes by 2018. 

The Taoiseach highlighted the Irish food industry`s capacity to respond positively to German consumers. "Bord Bia's new Irish beef campaign focuses on communicating our food industry's world-leading sustainability credentials to German consumers at every level. Since the UK's decision to leave the European Union, the Government have intensified efforts in promoting Irish produce in key markets such as Germany, as well as working hard to support Irish exporters to access new markets around the world," Kenny said. "The quality and sustainability of Irish products, as emphasised in Bord Bia's Origin Green sustainability programme, gives us a great advantage when looking to expand our exports and we will continue to assist our producers to develop and grow".

Bord Bia's director of markets, Padraig Brennan, who accompanied the Taoiseach, spoke about the consumer insight research that has driven this campaign and how it addresses the specific demands of German consumers.

"The campaign is built on consumer insight and focuses on communicating to German consumers Ireland`s unique story through the personal experiences of Irish farmers," Brennan commented. "The German consumer will hear first-hand of our commitment to producing and processing quality Irish beef sustainably, respecting animal welfare and the environment.  This commitment is based on real, independently audited actions embedded in our world leading Origin Green programme with its unique national approach to sustainable food production."

The Taoiseach also met with chef Patrick Bittner, who is a member of Bord Bia's Chefs' Irish Beef Club, who outlined the importance of the initiative to legitimise the premium positioning of Irish beef in restaurants.

Irish beef campaign takes to the road

During the visit, the Taoiseach launched the Bord Bia's Irish Beef Truck which will be used to carry the beef campaign message directly to German consumers at trade events, in partnership with the foodservice provider Frische Paradies, which imports Irish beef and lamb, seafood and dairy.

Turning the key at the start of the many culinary journeys of the truck, the Taoiseach said: "I'm delighted to officially launch Bord Bia's Irish Beef Truck for customers in Germany. This concept represents an exciting way of bringing the new beef campaign to German consumers at trade and consumer events throughout the country. The Government has increased supports for our enterprise agencies as we work to consolidate our position as suppliers of high quality produce with our existing European partners and look to form new relationships both here in Europe and around the world. I would like to thank Frische Paradies for their support, as a major food distributor, in partnering with Bord Bia to make this campaign a success through using the truck to help communicate the value of Irish beef to German consumers. "

The Taoiseach and Bord Bia then met with senior management of Frische Paradies (FP) to discuss future opportunities for supporting the marketing of Irish food products within the business. Bord Bia extended an invitation to FP to work together on inward buyer visits to Ireland across a range of categories, including beef, lamb, seafood, dairy and alcohol.

Bord Bia's Beef Campaign in Germany

Irish beef continues to perform in what is an important premium market, with beef exports rising to EUR142 million (US$150.2 million) in 2016 from EUR92 million (US$97.3 million) just four years ago.

Bord Bia will undertake the five year multi-channel communications campaign across retail level in-store, restaurants, online advertising, social media, print, and various trade and consumer events.

This year will see the campaign commence with five retail promotions in over 2,000 stores and a series of promotions with leading steak restaurant chains across 100 locations.

In addition, Bord Bia will organise trade journalists visits to Ireland to gain a first-hand experience and understanding of Irish beef. Consumers will be directed to a website where they can engage with Irish farmers on farming methods and Irish beef production.

- Bord Bia

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